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Web Identity Quotient


Web Identity Quotient™  WIQ™ – Light the Candle!™

The Web Identity Quotient (WIQ)™, developed by WebTech Online  helps determine at a glance how well your business is positioned on the internet.   If you have an existing site, let us improve your Web Identity!   The better the search engine positioning, the better the quotient.   And it’s so easy to determine.     see Client Application page.

Checking your WIQ™ consists of  checking these and other types of searches:

1.  How well do you show up with a simple search of just your business name?  (If your name is common, it may be hard to show up well without entering a location)

2.  How well do you show up with a simple search of your business name, city, state?.  You should show up well here.

3.  How well do you show up with a generic search of your main business category, city, state?    In this category, you are competing against every other local business selling the same product or service.

4. How well do you show up with any of a number of keywords, keyphrases etc. either entered without a geographic location or with a geographic location?

Please note: Search engines sometimes alter results based on the geographical location of the computer doing the search.

WebTech Online can help you improve your web content so that you can improve your The Web Identity Quotient (WIQ)™, and Light the Candle!™ on better results.