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Interactive Advertising Model


The Interactive Advertising Model shows what processes actually take place in the visitors mind and what the possible outcomes are when viewing an online ad.   Obviously with any form of advertising, some consumers are influenced more than others.

Online advertising clearly contributes to a greater brand awareness, causing incremental shifts in consumer thinking – creating awareness, fostering association between the product/business and the message, and finally creating intent to purchase.  Your business is your brand.   Increased brand awareness and increased brand image will ultimately increase your market share.

It is necessary to make consumers aware of a product and make sure they care about it before they can ever make the decision to buy it.

The difference:  Our policy of 100% placement, that is, your ad is always on the page on which it is placed -  allows a visitor to see your ad multiple times on subsequent visits, ensuring sufficient frequency for effective advertising exposure.    Simply put, we have higher exposure levels!   We build brand/business awareness, increase brand favorability, and help create purchase intent.