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Sep 072016

Route 101.3 Studios

Route 101.3 Studios is a capable Multimedia studio with the ability to edit and produce high quality HD video productions using the latest digital equipment and software.   End product can easily be rendered to DVD for the client.

Production library featuring literally tens of thousands of tracks assures just the right music for your project.

Rates are based at our hourly rate which can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

We do not FINANCE large productions.    One half of the projected fee is due in advance and the balance is due within one week upon completion.

Sep 072016

Client Application

All clients must subscribe to our Advertiser Code of Conduct:

“The business must obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws and ordinances; must demonstrate integrity and communicate with honesty; and genuinely endeavor to maintain a good reputation.”

All clients must go through our application process:

The initial application fee is $495 and includes the following:

  • 2 hour initial consultation at WebTech Online offices at 39 Orchard Lane, Templeton, MA 01468
  • Review of current website with written report to prospective client OR review of competitors’ websites and written report on suggested website development
  • 2 hour BUSINESS NIGHTMARES style review of business at your location with unrestricted access to all parts of physical location,  all employees, and all business records with highly critical written report to propective client covering recommendations for specific improvement in almost any area.
  • Decision in writing as to whether client will be accepted as an advertiser on the WebTech Network of community sites and/or directories.
  • Whether accepted or not, this process will be invaluable to your business and is worth well in excess of the fee.

Monthly Marketing Fee:

The marketing fee is $299 monthly (billed in advance)  and includes at least a 234×120 pixel ad on applicable sites of the WebTech Network plus our proprietary link methods.   Fee automatically adjusts upward annually  on January 1 with an increase equal to the U.S. COLA.   Marketing fee also includes up to 2 hours consultation throughout each month regarding client’s other advertising efforts including web-digital media, radio-audio, tv-video, print-newspaper, direct mail, flyers, outdoor and indoor signage and billboards etc. (Consultation hours not used do not carry over to the next month and are not transferable to offset other work product costs.)  Media development costs including website creation and updates, radio commercials, video production, and print media  are additional and are billed on hourly basis.   (Current hourly rate: $65, $75 video and audio editing)  Web Hosting and domain services billed yearly and subject to change upon renewal.

Term of Agreement:

Advertiser may cancel with 3 full months written notice after at least 1 year of service from WebTech.

In return, WebTech agrees to seek and promote only one business per category or categories which will be identified by WebTech and the business at the time of the initial agreement and advertiser agrees not to change this without specific agreement in advance.    Advertiser agrees to NOT DISCLOSE WebTech methods to anyone outside of its business and vendors during and subsequent to its status as a WebTech customer with violations subject to recovery for damages for any trade secrets inappropriately disclosed.

Nov 072012

The media challenges:

Newspaper Readership is constantly eroding.  Circulation is down.   Readers spend less time each day with the paper than ever before. It is no secret that as a result even many large newspapers have gone out of business over the last few years.

Traditional Radio listenership is on the decrease.    Reach has only declined from 96% to 93% in the last 20 years, but time spent listening is down, especially at home, so achieving results in this medium requires substantial expenditure to get enough frequency to generate awareness of your business.

Television viewing is fragmented.  Advertising on the very few blockbuster shows is unaffordable by the local advertiser.   A comprehensive cable campaign can be expensive.

Direct Mail has become known as junk mail.   Most is thrown away without being read and doesn’t reach the desired potential new customer.

Paper Yellow pages have suffered more than 75% usage erosion and many online yellow pages often yield useless results from other communities.

Business Websites reach only those consumers already looking for a specific business or a type of business or service.  And that’s only when they are done right.

The essential Internet:

The Internet has grown to be the medium of choice reaching an ever-growing audience.

Business Websites reach consumers looking for more about your specific business or about your type of service.

Internet Advertising is the replacement solution for local advertisers looking for reach and frequency.

The WebTech Online  solution:

Creation of Business Websites which are noticed by the search engines and thus by potential customers.

Internet Advertising on our long established online magazines providing reach, frequency, co-exclusivity, and an instant forum for any other type of multimedia including print, audio, video, and brochures. Starting at only $75 per month for a 24/7  365 days a year ad campaign for your business.  Banner ad and Yellow pages included.