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INTERNET ADVERTISING since 2000 on the WebTech Network of established community sites in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and MEDIA DEVELOPMENT including Web, Audio, Video, and Print.       We also register domains and host websites.

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Promote your business with powerful display ads on our Community Site Network including AdsBoston.com, BerkshireCountyMagazine.com, DowntownGardner.com, FitchburgLeominster.com, GardnerMagazine.com, MonadnockRegion.net, GreaterCapeCod.com, GreaterGreenfield.net, GreaterWorcester.net, HampdenCountyMagazine.com, HampshireCountyMagazine.com, MiddlesexCountyMagazine.com, NorthQuabbin.com, and ToytownWeb.com..    The best in local web advertising!

 Promote your business with our effective Yellow Pages Directories including those on our community site network, Massachusetts Directories, NH Directories, National Directories, and Niche Directories.  LOCAL Yellow Pages Directories people actually use.  Ask us how we can help you get noticed on the web


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Access significant sites on the WebTech Network via links in the footer of this page.    The WebTech Network Community Sites feature photos, information, news, business listings, and more which are germaine to each geography or topic.   Items of interest have been added over a period of more than a decade.   Call (978) 632-6324 to advertise on the WebTech Network.


Network Success:   The community sites have the most significant success and demonstrated reach over time.   Certain niche sites and directories may also benefit certain advertisers with an industry match.     Call (978) 632-6324 to advertise on the WebTech Network.   Please peruse our site for valuable research information on Internet Marketing and up to date news on almost any advertising medium available today.   

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Business Nightmares - Business Consulting

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  WebTech Online can perform an analysis of your business, alerting you to Business Nightmares of which you may not be aware.  Frequently these issues are right in front of you and the demands and pressures of running your business on a daily basis creates a “block of sorts”  which does not permit you to see these ‘phantoms’ which are negatively impacting your business.     If need be, we can have an almost irritating penchant for detail which can help unmask the problems and allow you to move forward.      Cost is $65/hr.     We must have access to (1) all employees  (2) your spouse or partner  (3) your children  (4) your siblings  (5) any disgruntled customers (6) unlimited access to your physical business for one week for physical observation at unannounced times.  (7) any employee computers owned by your company  (8) telephone records  (9) access to employee email without notice.  (10)  Any other areas which are agreed upon.       UPON COMPLETION OF THE ANALYSIS:   We will furnish you a complete report of all findings.   We do not make recommendations like you see on TV.   However, we will unearth items which if acted upon by you can result in a substantial increase in the positive performance of your business.    We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.    Cost is actual hours spent on the project.